Memorial Stone

Memorial Stone to Charles MacKinnon and Christina Cameron

Canoe Cove Church in Early MorningCharles MacKinnon was born about 1780 on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, one of seven sons of Charles ‘The Bard’ MacKinnon. On April 12, 1808, Charles married Christina Cameron, and within two weeks, they boarded ‘The Margaretta’, leaving Mull for a new home in Prince Edward Island. By 1817, they had settled in Canoe Cove, where they raised six children. Those children have become the ancestors of over 10,000 people around the world.

Charles the Bard TombstoneWhen Charles died in April 1850, he may have been given a marker in Canoe Cove Presbyterian Cemetery, but, if so, it has long since disappeared. His wife, Christy, later moved to Knutsford to live with her son Donald. Donald and Christy died about 10 days apart in February 1867, and both were buried in Brae Presbyterian Cemetery, where their tombstones remain. The burial place of Charles’ parents, Charles ‘The Bard’ and Mary MacKinnon, and of Charles’ son and daughter-in-law, Cowan Rankin MacKinnon and Aileen MacFadyen, is commemorated with a prominent tombstone in Canoe Cove Presbyterian Cemetery. It seemed unfortunate that our common ancestor had no marker, and that there was nothing to link him to his wife Christy. In addition, there were no markers in any cemetery for their children Flora, Ann or Jessie. For that reason, it was decided that a memorial stone, a tribute to the lives of Charles MacKinnon and Christina Cameron, and all their children, should be commissioned for placement next to the tombstone of Charles ‘The Bard’ MacKinnon in Canoe Cove Presbyterian Cemetery.

The stone was unveiled as part of the 200th Anniversary MacKinnon Descendants Reunion on June 13, 2008. Although we were still short almost $2000 at the beginning of the Reunion, by the end of the weekend, enough money had been donated to cover the $4000 cost of the memorial stone. Many thanks to all who made contributations of any size.

Those visiting Canoe Cove Presbyterian Cemetery who wish to view the memorial stone should go to the row of tombstones furthest from the church, at the south west corner of the cemetery.

MacKinnon Descendants Memorial Stone Rendering